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tải xuống
tải xuống
Che Vang Glue is also known as gold or gold foil high 100% extracted from the leaves and stems gold. No food additive. 100% refund if the customer is not satisfied with the quality of tea products vằng. Unconditional change delivery within 15 days.
- Is there a clear origin, have certificates of food hygiene and safety of the competent authority, change commitment, delivery, refund if the quality and effect of the product is not as advertised.

Base currently has sold three kinds of tea products vằng meet customer needs.

Che Vang Glue origin vằng advertising discounts of 10%

Gold tea delicious roast special kind.

*** =============================================== ================= ***
As we all know breast milk is precious nutrients and extremely important for the holistic development of young children. However, due to many different reasons that there are so many women suffer from the lack of milk, loss of milk after birth, modern life comes with it is a lot of foods are not safe on the market partly the cause impact on the quality and quantity of milk for human mother. Increasingly high proportion of women experiencing this phenomenon becomes common that many women worry. besides many women postpartum care to bring more nutritious milk for the child, resulting in maternal body weight especially abdominal weight gain significantly will impact negatively on health health and beauty needs, improve physique after the birth of the sisters.
So how to just get back in shape after the birth but also get nutrient-rich milk for the baby? That is always the question, is the question many women encounter.
Che Vang Glue - valuable medicinal benefits of milk, women lose weight after birth.

Che Vang Glue  used for so long in the Central Region and the provinces in the country, but in recent years, information on the effects of tree wonderful yellow leaves postpartum mothers milk or missing no new milk breastfeeding is common and many people use word of mouth experience. Lava Company please synthesis of some information to help you better understand the magical effect of this herb.

Mechanism of action of high pure gold:
- For women after childbirth Glude gold leaf stimulates milk glands, produce more milk and nutritional quality more secure, antibacterial, anti-infective, metritis, mastitis, closing business , vaginal discharge, rheumatism, bone pains. Especially highly effective gold tea weight loss for women after childbirth.

The main ingredient in tea include substances vằng bitter glucoside has an effect on the stomach and intestines increases arousal, making the stomach and intestines to help move sharply enhanced digestion. Ancaloid flavonoids and antibacterial effects, anti-inflammatory, accelerates regeneration organization, as the healing of wounds, the blood, regulating menstruation, blood circulation improves.

High gold leaf

- Women should take tea after birth vằng even in the early hours to help anti-inflammatory, cleansing the body and beneficial properties of milk best effect. Milk tea is widely obeyed obstetrician and maternal care center after birth as recommended.

In addition to special effects for women after birth high gold foil also works well with many other objects used here are considered good drink for the whole family.

- Very cool yellow leaves the liver, if you feel hot in person, uncomfortable itchy pimples, or drink more beer and hot food should be used to balance the body.

- The insomnia loss of appetite, severe stomach person, abdomen or erection of high use is greatly reduced gold leaf can be identified in about one week regular use. Note: The effect sleep only 80% effect on the object and does not effect the first time use, should use regularly after 3 days to improve slowly.

- High blood pressure, fatty liver, blood fats, diabetes: High gold leaf is not a drug and does not replace medication, but supportive treatment for patients suffering from one of these diseases is very good, especially for people hypertension.

High gold leaf, tea or inadequacy - manual and preserved.

High gold leaf

Manual high is golden:

For 2g - 3g Cao is golden in 300ml boiled water (800C - 1000C) or other percentage depending on the needs and preferences of each individual user. Used as drinking water for the family everyday foods such as drinking water, taste better when used with brown sugar and let cool.

Storage: Store in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight

Preservation period: 24 months from date of manufacture.

Manual dry tea leaves vằng:

Vằng tea is very good drinks especially for new mothers baby. Not only that you can also use tea water to bathe the baby or inadequacy. The following article will guide you how to cook tea vằng

.- After buying dry or inadequacy of tea, each taking about 50g tea cooked rinse with hot water to avoid dust. Then the tea even on pot.

- Pour 1.5 liters of water to the boil and boil for about 15 minutes for all substances in tea leaves information out.

- Simmer.

- The result is the characteristic dark yellow color.

Storage: Store in dry, cool place.

Preservation period: 12 months from date of manufacture.


- Women and girls after the birth of the country's best to drink hot, so after 15 minutes to boil the water in the mains, replacement drink during the day or cooking water a little special then add water as hot drinks.

- Tea meal after cooking time 1 drained (tea residue may be stored in a refrigerator) and the day after the second module. If you see a specific process or dilution process following the cooking times should be reduced or increased accordingly tea.

Cao is golden and the necessary information to use.

A lot of women as well as fathers, mothers interested in the information about high tea and tea vằng gold. Vinh Tam's statistics here are some questions that many people often wonder, hope it will help answer some extent these questions.

Che Vang Glue -gold and nothing else?

Che Vang Glue - gold leaf and gold leaf 2 different names of the same type of plant Cao extracted from tea tree or inadequacy. Cao does not mean that is extracted from the leaves which is extracted only from the leaves and stems.

Che Vang Glue -  type is better?

High Tea is extracted vằng by modern methods from 100% leaves and stems of fresh gold will keep almost absolute pharmaceutical ingredients in the plant. Vằng dried tea craft will see a limited number of issues on preservation and processing should be not as good as high grade concentrates.

Che Vang Glue - many harmful?

Tea benign evidence of gold is used many in Central vằng tea instead of drinking water every day throughout the year and very good health. Vinh Tam recommend taking daily for good health. Women with postpartum Tea vằng use at least during the period of breastfeeding for milk and milk cooler, and the effect of fat, weight loss for women after childbirth.

tea vằng

Cao is golden have difficulty drinking?

Vằng tea taste bitter, sweet after-after drink, very pleasant aroma. If users are not familiar bitter taste (such as bitter melon), they may have difficulty in the first use. Will find familiar and drinks gradually higher gold foil after about 3 days. If you're familiar with the bitter juices Tea drinks gold will be your everyday favorite. At first one can add less sugar to drink better, if long-term use and should regularly drink tea or inadequacy pure to good effect. Health bitter taste sweet! - right?

vằng tea, high tea vằng

Vằng tea has to be long?

If untreated vằng tea, natural drying is only used within 3 months if well preserved. High Tea gold is extracted and concentrated high as it used very long, 36-month shelf life in normal conditions. For more convenient use of high, should avoid high temperatures will occur may be high discharge phenomenon. High torques are or preparation used in the refrigerator should be easy to use.

How to distinguish a high tea and high tea pure gold doped or inadequacy?

Just drinking water processing. Cao made cold water soluble when mixed with very little, only boiling water mixed with a new hot melt, pleasant fragrance, the new drink recognizable familiar. Cook on high that mixing other leaf she is never high and there was a distinct aroma of high ". Cao is golden brown red color, soft touch high pockets, when mixed with blue water, no residue and smell very fragrant. Well while drinking tea has a bitter taste, after sweet not sour.

Hanoi alone want to buy 1kg to trial, the shop has been no delivery?

Defending delivery nationwide offline! if you are far away (outside the City. Ho Chi Minh) will shop via mail shipping to your door for you.

Where high tea vằng purchase to make sure?
Lava Company current distribution system in many provinces you can contact the customer  Hanh against England, to buy the right place, to avoid counterfeiting, counterfeit, substandard. Vinh Tam policy always help your customer satisfied.

High gold leaf those unusable?

Vinh Tam who propose low blood pressure, children under 2 years of age and pregnant women should not use special pregnancy is offline.

High tea vằng

Obedience milk tea for postpartum mothers.


Commitment to customers:

High Tea at the shop vằng Lavar company herbal 100% extracted from the leaves and stems gold.

No food additive.

100% refund if customers are not satisfied.
Lavar company delivered the products to the hands of customers.
ea or inadequacy.

- Payment on delivery

- Customers do not have to make extra money while getting the product

- Lava delivery and returns change to take place within 15 days.


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