Cooperation Opportunities from Trans-Asia Bridge Fair

Wednesday - 13/01/2016 18:05
Cooperation Opportunities from Trans-Asia Bridge Fair
A week of Fair Trade for North Central region - the Trans-Asia Bridge, Quang Tri in 2015 has opened up many opportunities for Quang Tri and conglomerates, corporations, local companies and the countries on Corridor East - West and exchanges, exchange of experiences, introduce potential, strengths and branding their products with investors and tourists, creating a bridge of cooperation and investment, meet development needs to expand the market.
With the largest scale ever, Fair Trade North Central region - the Trans-Asia Bridge, Quang Tri in 2015 gathered 500 booths of 238 organizations and enterprises, including 48 of the joint booth Industry, organizations from these countries Laos, Thailand. The products exhibited and introduced at the fair focuses primarily on the fields of industry, trade, tourism, culture and cuisine with high quality, which has a number of products involved each export.

According to Nguyen Dinh Tram, Deputy Head of Export and Economic Integration, Trade and Industry Department of Quang Tri, the fair this year was quite scale, thanks to the attention and guidance, coordination between the Ministry of Industry and Trade to all levels and sectors in the province. In particular, during the fair, the weather was very favorable facilitate tourists and residents to entertainment, shopping. Initial estimates, the total number of visitors attended the fair between 70-75 thousand people, total revenue is estimated at 33 billion.

According to several people involved in the fair, the consumer goods this year is diverse in type, design and reasonable prices so that people feel quite comfortable while shopping. In particular, the last days many businesses at the fair has a policy product discounts from 10-30%, creating favorable conditions for low-income people selected consumer items ensure quality, consistent with their pocketbooks. Apart from industrial products for consumption generally, the fair also sold more products in traditional sectors come from the regions in the country and handmade products, handicrafts typical of Laos, Thailand. Notably, this fair attracts many enterprises of Vietnam and Laos wood exhibiting and introducing wooden products from furniture, beds to the delicate crafts such as vases, cups, chopsticks ... Come to the fair, the wood has a chance now exchanging information and cooperation to deep processing of wood products sector where export market raw wood material is difficult.

With the advantage of "home" to the enterprise in the province of Quang Tri has actively participated in exhibits, the exhibition presents the potential and strengths, the flagship product of the locality. JSC Trading Corporation Quang Tri have three booths at fairs. In addition to introducing the product space business of the company is every Thai and Quang Tri agricultural products such as pepper, rice dragon blood, starch technology, high gold, brown rice tea ... the company also has a Private space strong product introduction by unit productive rubber deep processing SRV and SRV 10 3L of rubber processing factory in Cam Lo and energy tablets and tablets kitchen use of plant energy park Cam Lo compressed energy.

Anh Nguyen Duc Hai, Head of Business rubber processing factory in Cam Lo said: "This is the first time we participated in the Trans-Asia Bridge Fair, the fair brings major international nature exhibitors. After 7 days on display, our booth attracted a number of clients is now to find out in which trade promotion center in Hanoi have to question the partnership to bring advanced products unit Rubber plant to introduce in the North. We have provided documents and sample capacity for this mental unit tests. However, this fair, there is no industrial manufacturing businesses as automobile tires, motorcycles, medical gloves ... join so we do not have the opportunity to expand market access. Hopefully next time the fair will do it ".

Fair trade North Central region - the Trans-Asia Bridge, Quang Tri in 2015 as an activity within the Trade Promotion Programme in 2015 and the country is also the trade promotion activities of the province of Quang Tri in this year. Fair ended but has opened many opportunities for cooperation, develop the domestic market, actively support the campaign The priority for Vietnam Vietnam, while expanding export markets for businesses provincial, national and regional countries on Economic Corridor East - West.

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