Promote the development of electronic commerce Quang Tri phase 2016 - 2020

Wednesday - 13/01/2016 18:12
Promote the development of electronic commerce Quang Tri phase 2016 - 2020

Provincial People's Committee has issued a plan Ecommerce development in Quang Tri province period 2016 - 2020 together with Decision No. 2913 / QD-Committeedated 29.12.2015. Also Affairs Department of Industry and Trade, in collaboration withthe departments and agencies and People's Committees of districts, towns, cities buildspecific plan for deployment.

Implementation of Decision No. 1073 / QD-TTg dated 07/12/2010 of the Prime Minister approved master plan development of electronic commerce (e-commerce) 2011- 2015 period; after 5 years of deployment and implementation, e-commerce in the province of Quang Tri has been a positive contribution to the economic development - society of the province.

In particular, businesses have conducted e-commerce transaction type enterprise with consumers or enterprises with 100% now now use email in trading activities and exchange of information ; 40% of enterprises with electronic information, periodically updated information and promotional activities of the enterprise products; 30% of companies participating in e-commerce sites for the sale of products, goods and services related to production and business activities of enterprises

Initially formed to support utility customers participate ecommerce enterprise types with consumers: 50% of supermarkets, shopping malls and modern distribution facilities allow consumers stick cashless payment when shopping; 20% of business establishments develop electronic transaction channels serving consumers.

Most typical services related to production and business activities offered online from level 2 upwards.

However, today's work force for the e-commerce arrangements at the state agency has not met requirements. Most of the enterprises in the province's small and medium-sized enterprises should be specialized staff in e-commerce accounted for small percentage, mainly part-time; Investment budget for the development of e-commerce is still limited to some of the content of the plan has not been implemented; legal environment for e-commerce is gradually improving, but most of the new instruments under the law, the rights of both businesses and consumers are not guaranteed by a system of rational law. In addition, many businesses have developed websites but just not in the provision of information products and services may not function sales, online payment website. Social environment and business practices along with the perception of the people is also one of the obstacles to be removed in the near future.

With the important role of e-commerce, e-commerce development plan Quang Tri phase 2016 - 2020 to implement synchronization solutions, supports development activities, bringing e-commerce to become an activity used, app common in the majority of enterprises, the State management agencies and people in the province; Improve operational efficiency in the management and administration; enhance the competitiveness of enterprises; accelerate the process of industrialization and modernization matching international integration process now.

Accordingly, based on local development investment funds Mid-term 5-year period 2016-2020 mobilizing businesses, organizations and individuals to invest in development of e-commerce infrastructures; To strive for 100% now use email in transactions and information exchange; 50% of companies have their own websites; 30% of enterprises engaged in e-commerce sites for the sale of products, goods and services and to promote the application of the utility supports consumer participation in e-commerce.

To strive for 100% of the units, organizations and businesses in the province are equipped with knowledge, skills and understanding of the benefits of e-commerce brings and have practical applications to serve the development of e-commerce

Striving to reach 1,000 staff now, managers of state to attend short-term training courses on e-commerce; 1,500 young people from the local entrepreneurship in the province are trained, specialized training on e-commerce.

Take online shopping form becomes a form of universal purchase of consumer sea. Construction and mining operators effectively Exchange deployment Quang Tri commerce services online interaction between government agencies and businesses to provide information on the operating and service business and production development .

Develop and implement a plan for development cooperation with the e-commerce sector in the North Central province, the central provinces - Highland and local economic corridor East - West.

For specific tasks, the focus on promoting the propagation and dissemination, raising awareness of e-commerce organizations, businesses and citizens; training and development of human resources; focus of activities in support of e-commerce applications; improve the capacity and efficiency of state management of e-commerce; development of e-commerce solutions ...

Total expenditure is expected to deploy e-commerce development plan of Quang Tri crystal phase 2016 - 2020 are: 6738 million. In which central funding support was 4,108 million; budget was 1,912 million fine, the rest is contributed by the organization reports, businesses involved in the program.

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