Trade have an important role in economic development

Wednesday - 21/12/2016 09:40
tải xuống
tải xuống
Experiencing 30 years of innovation and international economic integration, Vietnam trade has played an increasingly important role in the economic activity in the country and the world, contributing to improved competitiveness as well such as economic growth.
Pham Nguyen Minh, Head of the Trade Research Institute said the export-import operations in recent years have been continuously expanded in both the market and the list of goods and services to the commercial value of goods and services rapid growth, structure and quality of imported goods is improved by increasing the processing goods, high value added.
 Along with that, the domestic trade powerful change according to the market mechanism with the growth rate of total retail sales of goods and social services often reaches two figures, the proportion of retail types of goods through modern forms of trade increased rapidly.
Shared at a workshop held in Hanoi, Bui Huy Son, director of the Trade Promotion Department (MOIT), in recent years, Vietnam has signed and prepared to conclude the Agreement on Trade free trade with other countries and regional blocks and around the world.  So, in the period 2016-2025 Vietnam will continue to further integration into the world economy, more and more engaged in the process of regional cooperation and the world, multilateral, multi-dimensional, multi-disciplinary area; in which trade is one of the focus areas.
 Also at this conference, Professor Pham Tat Thang, a senior specialist of Industry and Trade said that in the bilateral trade relations and multilateralism requires Vietnam needs to act to create an economic and environmental institutions business schools adhere modern market relations.
According to him, in the context of competition is increasingly fierce, one of the weakest points of the small and medium enterprises of Vietnam today is slow technological innovation. Preliminary statistics of the Ministry of Trade showed that only 8% of businesses that have average level of technology, 45% of industrial enterprises with low average and only about 2% of highly qualified businesses.
phấn đấu xuất khẩu
 To take advantage of opportunities and overcome the challenges of the upcoming integration process, Thang recommends enterprises should soon give up thinking fragmented, grabbing for the construction of an oriented to business activity in the market area and international sector, accepted the international competition in all market segments.
 In addition, businesses should be equipped with knowledge, enhance competitiveness, understand the barriers for each type of goods or services on the market each business forward.
 According to Mr Thang, enterprises should establish partner relations and cooperation between enterprises and between enterprises in the country with the Vietnamese community abroad and pay more attention to human resources to improve processing capabilities in international operations.
 However, apart from the efforts of the business, the state needs to reform economic institutions, creating appropriate business environment and healthy. These are basic measures for state support Vietnam enterprises in global economic integration.
 Talking to The World & Vietnam on the sidelines of the seminar, Mr. Tran Thanh Hai, Deputy Director of Export (MOIT) that, in 2017, Vietnam's exports will face a new stage. "Export activity is not only our aim to dominate the market, but we have to dominate the industry, but we have the advantage on the world map. We need to embrace the stages of international trade will bring maximum benefits as the distribution, branding, product development, the final one, on the downstream side. " 
"What about the first stages of cultivation, breeding, processing, production value but also bring the value is quite low. The adjustment of the restructuring of the domestic economy will be tied very closely to the policies on international trade, "Hai recommendations. 
Quang canh 1 goc Vietnam Foodexpo 2015(1)
Assessment of the impact of a number of free trade agreements Vietnam has signed into effect, Mr Hai said that the free trade agreement Vietnam - Korea (VKFTA) will open up many opportunities for export Vietnam exported agricultural products. In return, Vietnam could import of electronic components, high-tech equipment from Korea to serve domestic production with preferential prices According to the General Statistics Office, exports of goods reached 15.6 billion dollars in November, up 1.3% from the previous month. 11 months, export turnover is estimated to reach 159.5 billion dollars nationwide, up 7.5% from the same period in 2015. Catalog processing industry continues to be "leading" export turnover growth at 9.3%, the highest of the major export commodities. Similarly, agriculture - forestry - fishery also keep the pace fairly robust growth, estimated at 7.7% compared to the same period in 2015. These items increased exports of this group is vegetables , seafood, pepper, coffee, furniture.
Meanwhile, imports of goods reached 16 billion US dollars in November, up 1% from the previous month. 11 months, imports of goods reached 156.66 billion dollars, up 3.5% over the same period. Experts forecast export turnover in 2016 is expected to reach 178 billion US dollars and imports reached 176 billion USD.

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