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Address: Gio Chau, Gio Linh, Quang Tri
Phone: 053 3581 376

The company is licensed to operate in the areas of:

- Manufacturing and trading of fertilizers inorganic, organic, microbiological, micronutrients and growth stimulants for crops and livestock.
- Export and import of fertilizer products, equipment and technologies for the production of fertilizers, tools, agricultural machinery, seeds, crops and agricultural products.
- Research the production of fertilizer products. Design of equipment, fertilizer production technology. Perform related services.
- Link, fertilizer production joint venture with partners at home and abroad.
- Trading in real estate, real estate (housing business, office) and warehousing (only for projects approved by competent authorities).

- Purchase, production, processing, bottling and packaging plant protection drugs.

- Manufacturing sales and services occupations as prescribed by law

Binh Dien Fertilizer Company main factory is 1, 3 and 1 joint stock company North Branch (Ninh Binh):

Currently, the company produces over 100 kinds of items such as Buffalo Head Agrotain, specialized NPK fertilizer, NPK senior TE, common NPK, organic mineral fertilizer and foliar fertilizer. These products of headings granular fertilizer, fertilizer three color types, classification and distribution powder and liquid pesticide.

With the application of quality management system ISO 9001: 2008, all the material before it enters the production system must go through rigorous testing to ensure the quality of inputs. Each stage in the production process quality management is also closely, so all fertilizer products are standard Buffalo Head Vietnam and international standards.

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