Dong Tien Steel Co., Ltd

Wednesday - 04/05/2016 15:44
Dong Tien Steel Co., Ltd
business field: Construction material
Adress: 9D Street,Dong Ha Southern Industrial Park
Phone:  053 2248888
Fax: 053 561380
Director: Dong Nguyen The

We are a company specializing in trading commodities: ; roofing, synthetic Steel and technical products: valves, pipes, flanges, ...
Applying modern technologies along with experience accumulated over many years of operation we have the launch of the high-quality products at the same time have been drawn to their experience needs and tastes of consumers in the development of today's society so that our products by manufacturing, supply always meets the requirements of product quality, specifications, contract the competitive price and reasonable.
Besides the advantage of staging machinery investment is advanced, we also owns a staff of engineers are qualified high technical expertise, as skilled workers along with staff rich management capabilities, our experience has been gradually confirmed the quality of service and excellent reputation with customers. The products produced by us, provided has been promoting the positive effects in the social life of consumers.
We are very proud to have served in the enthusiastic support of you during the past years. Your trust is our motivation to develop their own from which we increasingly can serve you better.
Again, we sincerely thank you and look forward to welcoming customers.


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