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South Dong Ha Industrial Zone - Dong Luong Ward - Dong Ha Town - Quang Tri Province
Phone number:(053) 3566978, 3560639 - Fax: 053.3560482
Email : mdfgerucoqt@vnn.vn - Website: http://www.mdfquangtri.vn

It have been found by shareholders on 25th Oct, 2005
Viet Nam Rubber Group shareholders keeping  more than 95 % shares of our Company.
-         MDF-VRG board production technology is the best forward looking technology of now.
-   Equipment plan had exported, supplied, installated and technology handed over by Diffenbacher of German.
-         Total of invested capital: more than 435 billion vnd (26.5 million USD).
-         Capacity: 60.000m3/ year.
-    Main product of our Company is MDF, it has thickness from 8÷50mm, with length : 2.440mm, width: 1.220mm and handy for construction work, interior and exterior furnishment of construction work.. It is main material for furniture production.
Our Company is unique factory to production of board has thickness 50mm in Asia area. MDF board very adventageous for mechining work of door-frame and window frame for construction, product from other household production.
Raw material for main production is wood forest (pine, acacia, eucalyptus, tram (cajuput)...). Raw material have been supplied by organizations and the individial consists of Quang Binh Province, Quang Tri Province and Thua Thien Hue. Our Factory need more than 120.000 tons of raw material and 20.000 tons of firewood /year.
-         Labour: 190 person including engineers and  workers  from 3 to 7 grade (3/7÷7/7 grade).
-   Our Company already and continous associated – joint venture with other company, organization inside and outside of Quang Tri province to plant of raw material forest.
- Our Company have been participated of shares into Quasa Geruco SavanakhetProvince (Laos) for planting of rubber and raw material forest and we have shares on Dong Truong Son Cement Company with capacity 35.000 tons in Quang TriProvince.
-    MDF-VRG Quang Tri always to disire to cooperation with partners inside and outside province.
-         MDF-VRG Quang Tri is the best partner for yours choose.

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